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This is the juice we drink almost every day.

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An ex-colleague was perplexed and asked me, you’re not sick, why do you drink juice? Well, people who aren’t sick should drink juice, while those who are, can’t afford not to drink!

Perhaps you might think, isn’t it such a waste to drink juice, a waste of time, effort and money, and you’d be left with so much pulp! Wouldn’t it be better to simply eat the fruit or vege whole? I used to think so too. Isn’t fibre supposed to be very important?

Why is fibre important to our health? In actual fact, fibre itself is a nutrient that doesn’t really have much nutritional content. What it does is, it acts as a broom in our body to eliminate waste, so it really is indispensable. In order to make sure that we clear our bowels well, we need to have a high intake of fibre.

If fibre is so important, why remove it just to get some juice?

In order to maintain optimum health, apart from fibre to clear our body waste, we also need to have adequate nutrients. Where do we get the nutrients? From the food we eat. However, do we really get enough nutrients from what we eat every day? If we only eat cooked food, then we probably have lost most of what nature meant for us.

Our body needs enzymes. It is said that all life depends on enzymes. When we cook our food, the enzymes are dead, and what we eat are not able to nourish us anymore. Therefore it is necessary that we have enough intake of raw salads and fruits every day.

However, it’s not enough to only consume raw vege and fruit. Solid food requires digestion, and it would be quite some time before our body receives the nutrients. In this respect fresh juices are much more effective. A glass of fresh juice does not cause any burden to the digestive system, and its nutrients are therefore made available to the body very quickly.

Sick people especially would benefit tremendously from fresh juices. When my husband or I fall sick, we no longer go to the doctor’s, nor take any form of medication. My best medicine is a juice fast. Once, I was down with a cold. As I started to speak in class, I gave my students quite a startling shock, for I sounded like a frog. My throat hurt, terribly. I did a juice fast that day, I remember I had 6 glasses of juice, I think I had some fruit even, so in effect it wasn’t much of a fast I guess… Miraculously, by the afternoon, my throat no longer hurt. Although I hadn’t completely regained my natural voice, I was already speaking like normal, with no discomfort whatsoever, I didn’t feel like I was having a cold. I recovered with such miraculous speed, I was totally amazed!

The juice we have every day is carrot based, usually in the following combinations:
Carrot, cucumber, beetroot
Carrot, green apple, beetroot (usually called “ABC”)
Carrot, celery, beetroot
Carrot, celery, green apple

Frankly I am not sure how much I use of each. Because we order our carrots by the carton, each carton being 20kg, and since I usually finish everything in about 10 days, I reckon that I juice nearly 2 kg of carrots a day. For cucumber, if it is a very large one, I would use 1, if it is medium or smaller, I’d grab about 2 or 3. As for beetroot, what I’ve heard is that about one thumb size per person is enough. Some people can’t take the peculiar sweetness of beetroot. Luckily my husband and I seem to quite like it. I use about the size of an onion each time. Of course the best tasting ones are those with apples, but my staple, that is, that with cucumber and beetroot, tastes wonderful too!

Consuming beetroot would make your urine red, so don’t be alarmed. As for carrots, if you consume it in bulk, your skin would turn yellow. This, again, isn’t a cause for fear, unless you are extremely conscious about your appearance. I was very frequently asked, why are you so yellow? Well, because my surname is Yellow (Huang means yellow in Chinese), and because I am already half an old hag (‘yellow faced old woman’ in Chinese refers to wives who are bogged down by household chores and have no time to take care of their looks)… I actually found these episodes quite funny. I looked into the mirror every day, but I hardly noticed that I was yellow. Or even if I did, I couldn’t care less. Why were others so bothered by it? I had even been asked by shopkeepers whom I hardly knew. I would always be quite taken aback by the sudden, why are you so yellow? Wow, I think this is quite something, to ask such a question to a lady customer whom you don’t know! I’m not sure if I am still yellow, but I don’t get such questions that frequently anymore.

Some friends were worried if I was sick. Once, while chatting with a Chinese physician friend, I asked if she could take my pulse, which she did. After taking my pulse, she told me she was quite surprised, because my pulse fared much better than how I looked. That was the first time in my life that I was told my health was quite good by a physician! Try imagining me showing you a big V sign with a broad broad broad smile! =)

I’d never been worried about being yellow from carrots. When I was at my yellowest, there’d always be people who would discourage me from continuing with my carrot juice. I never bulged, I had very deep faith in Mr (or perhaps Ms?) Carrot. Why does the skin turn yellow? This is not because our body rejects the carrot, but because the carrot is helping us to remove the toxins from the liver. According to Norman Walker, ‘this (the material clogging the liver) is released so abundantly that the intestinal and urinary channels are inadequate to care for this overflow, and in a perfectly natural manner it is passed into the lymph for elimination from the body by means of the pores of the skin.’ Despite my assuring them that this was a sign that my body was undergoing a good cleansing, many people still advised me to stop taking carrots. I couldn’t understand why. My becoming yellow was such a wonderful phenomenon, I was doing spring cleaning, I was fortunate that my body was still capable of such a chore, I had better be grateful for that, why stop? Did I look that terrible being yellow? I’d rather look terrible on the outside than be truly terrible from the inside.

The carrot juice molecule is exactly analogous to that of the blood molecule, no need for any worry about taking loads of it.

Currently, I save half of what I juice in the morning in the fridge, and consume it in the afternoon. Perhaps you might worry if the nutrients might be lost. Of course, ideally we should consume it straight after juicing. How about thinking it this way, if you don’t drink any, you don’t get any nutrient at all, but if you drink some, you’ll at least get maybe 80%. How much nutrient is lost also depends on the juicer you use. In anycase, a glass of juice that has lost some nutrients is definitely safer, healthier, and more nutritious than a glass of coke, milo, coffee, or any canned drink you can find in the supermarket, or even your water at home…

I like to remove all the fibre in my juice. What we find outside is usually quite full of fibre, the smoothest juice I’ve ever had is my self made juice. I prefer it smooth, not only because it tastes better, but also, since freshly squeezed juice is so precious, why retain the fibre so that it slows down absorption? I have my daily intake of fibre from the salads and fruits that I take, not from my juices. Another plus point about removing the fibre is, most of the pesticides are retained in the fibre, so if what you’re having is not organic, at least you manage to remove the bulk of the pesticides along with the fibre.

Cheers to our health…
(Do drink slowly, sip it. Just as we should chew well when eating so as not to tax our digestive system, don’t gulp down your drinks…)

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