Why Hair For Hope Is Hopeless

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My newlywed husband has just had his hair shaved. Our wedding photo shoot has already been postponed, and because of his bald head, it has to be postponed even further.

Of course I am not upset. I am absolutely proud of him, and wish very much that one day I could do the same. To have the courage to let go of my hair, and for such an awesomely great cause – Hair For Hope! One day I would do it. I would make a bald statement. Just wait!

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That was nearly a decade ago. Soon after that, I heaved a sigh of relief that I had not done it. Today, neither of us would ever want to endorse Hair For Hope anymore. Why? Hair For Hope is a HOPELESS cause. What a bold statement I have made!

It took some time to finally convince myself that this is so. It was, after all, a fundamental shift. I was, like many Singaporeans, a staunch supporter of charities. I am not saying that charities are all unworthy of support. I have, however, picked up a new habit over the years – scrutinising and determining what role I play as a supporter.

Before we look at Hair For Hope, you might want to check this out:

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In case anybody wants to sue me for libel in super-sensitive Singapore, let me be clear that I am no good at all at analysing data, nor am I interested in whether the Children’s Cancer Foundation has any hidden agenda, if they are part of a huge evil conspiracy, blah blah blah. I don’t like playing detective, nor digging into hard facts that might (or might not) reveal some nasty filth. The hard fact right now for me, is that I do not know enough to slap anybody with any allegations. I would rather believe that the truest intentions of this charity is really for the benefit of the suffering children, that it is with good-hearted motivation that the organization and the event were set up. My concern is not about the intentions, but about the outcome of the actions. The actions of common people like myself.

What Shaving Stands For

The following is extracted from the website of Hair For Hope:

Through the symbolic gesture of shaving bald, we aim to:

  • Create awareness of childhood cancer in Singapore
  • Show children with cancer and their families that they are not alone in their fight against cancer
  • Tell children with cancer that it is OK to be bald
  • Raise funds and help children with cancer and with their families
  • Build a community of support for children with cancer and their families

The points above would almost definitely strike a chord with anybody. If you can’t help, show your support, right? If you can’t share their pain, share your love, right? And it’s not just showing your support and sharing your love – it’s supporting and loving little children. Who isn’t moved by innocent children?

In fact, I am totally agreeable to the points above, except one: Tell children with cancer that it is OK to be bald.

It is NOT ok to be bald for cancer.

People do not have to become bald for having cancer. Many cancer patients opt to shave themselves bald because of hair loss resulting from chemotherapy. Baldness does not happen from having cancer itself.

So what? You might ask. Having cancer means that they have to undergo chemo, and doing chemo means inevitably losing their hair, as that is a side effect of chemo. Well, that’s far from the truth. Having cancer does not mean you have to receive chemo or radiation or surgery treatments. And losing hair is not a side effect, it is a direct effect.

Here are some articles on the chemo and the chemo industry:

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And some videos:

Don’t Remove Your Cancer

There are lots of data pointing to how ineffective AND harmful chemo is. Yet how so many people still believe in it is absolutely baffling to me. Why do they believe it? The doctor says so! The doctor is God, there’s no questioning to be done.

The point most people miss, and it is a very essential one, is that people keep thinking of removing the cancer. It’s not about removing the cancer. It’s about improving the health. If you are healthy, your cancer will be gone. Conversely if you are not healthy, the cancer will come back. If you have ants in your kitchen, do you keep finding ways to remove the ants, without removing the source for which the ants come for? Anybody who wants to have an ant-free kitchen long-term would look for the source and remove it. Get the kitchen clean, and the ants will leave for a better paradise. If you remove the current cancer by chemo or radiation or surgery, be fully aware that you are very likely to be diagnosed with cancer again, since you have not removed the fundamental cause.

There are so many ways to improve your health, through lifestyle changes, but more importantly, diet changes. Just do a google and you will be treated with an endless list. The only one I recommend though, is getting your body thoroughly clean inside-out, via water fasting and an optimal diet meant for humans. And the only person I trust that gives sound advice on how to do these is Loren Lockman. Here are some questions he answered regarding fasting:

Your Fasting Q&As, Answered

And here are two videos where he talks about cancer:

And on this page I give a short summary on Loren’s approach, with some of his videos which I think would be useful for new viewers.

Please do be very cautious if you want to do any fasting. It can be a really difficult process, and for many years I have refrained from encouraging people to do it. Not because it is not effective, but precisely because it is too effective, it causes a lot of past and hidden physical (and often also emotional) trauma to manifest, and I have seen that many people are not ready to face it. Please contact Loren Lockman for support on fasting and eating well. Having full support during fasting is of utmost importance. Alternatively, in Singapore you could start by visiting Kampung Senang, which is a charity that helps cancer patients heal naturally, and which is also where I did my first short fast (albeit not water fast).

Don’t Shave, Don’t Support

If it is not yet clear why I am against Hair For Hope, let me rephrase and summarise. Here’s why you should not shave for or support Hair For Hope:

  • Shaving or supporting Hair For Hope is a sign of endorsement for the event.
  • Endorsing Hair For Hope is acknowledging that becoming bald is part and parcel of having cancer.
  • Acknowledging that balding is part and parcel of having cancer is acquiescing in the efficacy of chemotherapy.
  • Acquiescing in the efficacy of chemotherapy is denying the ability AND possibility of cancer patients to truly heal themselves naturally, thoroughly and without side effects.
  • And the most fundamental reason why I am against it is propagating ignorance.

I have not an ounce of doubt on the kind intention of people who support Hair For Hope, be it by donation or by shaving. As I mentioned at the start of the article, my husband and I were also highly supportive of it initially. And of course, it is everybody’s choice to do what their heart deems fit. Which is why I share my views – I see it as an obligation. No matter what choice we make, it is always wise to make it with ample information to support the choice. Instead of supporting Hair For Hope, share ways and methods for people to get themselves truly healthy. When people are healthy enough, nobody would have cancer, and nobody would need to make any bald statement.

Ignorance is not bliss.

**I am no professional at cancer treatments. I have written from the perspective of a layperson who cares enough to take charge of her own health. As I have written here, I have lost my faith in doctors. Every single individual has the right AND responsibility to know what goes on in his body, and to learn how to heal himself in the wisest way possible.

If you found this article useful/ interesting, please do share it with people you care about. Thank you!

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