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There are so many different forms of veg’n today. I hope I can write something on this soon to help clear up the confusion. Before that, it is necessary for me to first share a little on the path I’ve walked so far, and to state a few points.

Doctor? No, no, no!

First and foremost, I am no doctor. Nor do I have any knowledge about medicine and nutrition. But in any case, with regard to medicine and doctors, I have no trust, no faith, and no interest. I wasn’t born with such an attitude towards them. Rather, such a stance is an inevitable result of my personal path of health improvement.

Alright, I concede that the three no’s are not entirely true. I do have a slight interest, but it is no longer as strong as it used to be. I would not, however, ever be interested in getting any nutritional information from doctors. To crack a blunt joke, I will DO whatever the doctor says not to do, and NOT do whatever the doctor tells me to do. If I had to learn, I would learn self-healing. I would learn the laws of nature. I would not ever learn medicine. In Chinese, we often say 西医治标,中医治本 – which means Western medicine treats the symptoms, Chinese medicine treats the root. This is what many TCM believers live by, and also what I used to believe in without a doubt. But no, we have been wrong. There is another saying 是药三分毒,无毒不入药 – any medicine is 30% poison, if it is not poison it does not become medicine. So what have we? TCM is 30% poison, Western medicine is 100% poison. Ok, so we have another saying 以毒攻毒 – counteract toxins with toxins. Sure. Will there be side effects? Of course. Is it worth poisoning yourself? Well, it’s up to you.

I was born with a very weak constitution, and was always taking this or that medication. Before my diet change, the three jobs I held in highest regard were: mothers, teachers and doctors (in that order). GPs, specialists, TCM doctors, you name it, I was a regular face. Every time I was prescribed medication, I would faithfully take them as I was told. Until I finally realised that not only are doctors unable to save me, the harm they cause can be huge. Since 2006, I have changed from a drug fanatic to a drug teetotal. Western doctors are of course a big no no. As for TCM, I still hold it in higher regard than Western medicine, but to me, all forms of medicine are harmful. I am not against doctors per se. This is not an offensive against doctors. I have seen doctors who really care for their patients. A true doctor, however, prescribes not medication, but a path to no medication. He shares his wisdom, so that his patients have enough confidence to rely on themselves, not on doctors or medicine.
medicine 3

the Vegan Path and the No-med Way

The deciding moment for me to go the no-med way forever was when I switched to veg’n. Although I was already beginning to keep medicines at a distance at the time, things were still very fuzzy to me, and I was still visiting TCM doctors and taking TCM medicine.

Why did I switch to veg’n? This is something I don’t usually talk about. It is probably not very convincing. I started going to Guanyin Temple when I was in my mid-teens, whenever there was anything troubling me. One day, one of the questions I asked was, should I turn veg’n? The reply was positive. And that was how I began my veg’n journey. That was the beginning of 2004.
charsiew kosong
But things did not turn out so easy. There was nobody around me who was veg’n. Neither did I have any information about being veg’n. I virtually decided to become veg’n by myself with no support to turn to, not knowing anything, except for basic facts like I would not eat chicken wings, fish fillet, beef burgers or the like. And I did not know what or where to eat when I was eating out. It did not help that I have always scored zero for my level of street-smartness. Once, I was trying to get lunch at a hawker centre, and, not knowing where to find veg’n food, approached a char-siew rice stall, and asked for plain rice, saying that I would pay the full price. I was shooed away. At my work place, there were no veg’n places either. The only possible place I knew was a stall selling mixed veg rice. After being asked multiple times whether this or that dish was veg’n whenever I patronised the stall, the auntie serving the dishes flared up and said scornfully, “Vegetarians don’t eat garlic and onion.” I had not even heard of such a thing then.

After a couple of months, even the stall with the mocking auntie was gone. I was left with nothing to eat during work days, and settled for two red bean breads for my meals. But it soon became too sweet to stomach. I was literally feeling sick and nauseous from the sweetness. And that was when I started wavering. I must be making things up. Why in the world do I need to be veg’n? Is it even necessary? And so during work, I became non-veg, and replaced one of the red bean breads to a tuna bread. That balanced out the sweetness.

Soon after I got to know my husband. He is my total opposite – terribly street smart, never gets lost, and seemed to me to know every nook and cranny in Singapore. And when he took me to veg’n eateries, I was dumbfounded. I felt like a country girl coming to the city for the first time, with my mouth wide open at the amazing number of veg’n outlets in Singapore. Fortunately I did not have to show such a silly look, but this is no exaggeration of how I felt. No exaggeration on my street cognition level either – it is that severe. I am virtually dreaming wherever I go. From then on I never had to resort to taking tuna breads anymore. And I could finally understand why the Char-siew stall uncle was so mad at me. Why, his stall was just opposite the Guanyin Temple. Who in Singapore doesn’t know that that area is a haven for vegetarians?! If you can’t understand why I hadn’t seen the many veg’n places there, I can understand. Because neither can I.

And soon after, my husband got hold of a book by Dr Jiang Shuhui -《这样吃最健康》(title meaning: This is the healthiest way to eat) from a veg’n outlet. That was around 2005 or 2006. It was another turning point for me in terms of diet. The greatest impact Dr Jiang had on me was that she made me realise that I could change my body constitution. When I announced I was going veg’n, my parents and my elder sister were understandably worried. I was possibly the weakest and most sickly in my family. Could my body make it without meat? I was, on the other hand, never worried. Not because I knew about nutrition, but simply because I knew it was the right choice. After reading Dr Jiang’s book (and other books as well), I was all the more convinced. Not only was a veg’n diet not going to make me weaker and sicklier, it would make me healthier and stronger.


pumpkin salad


I was super excited. All my life I had accepted that I had a weak constitution and that was it. It couldn’t be helped. In TCM, don’t we always talk about body constitutions and how to work around each different constitution? Mine was cold and yin, and there was stuff I should eat, as well as those that I should avoid. You are basically told to work around it, not change it. It seems that we talk about improving our constitution, but it is never the main aim. That anybody can drastically change their constitution might be an option, but it is an option that takes the back seat. Just think of the countless patients told by TCM doctors that they are too cold and yin to go veg’n!

But why should I be stuck with being weak?

I finally understood I didn’t have to always have the same weak constitution. And this was what I benefitted most from Dr Jiang – an awakening moment. The constant message I had received since young was that I was born weak, and that meant having to take meat and this and that form of medication. But the truth turns out to be the total opposite.

Accomplishing Everything By Doing Nothing

Since then, I have come a long way. Today, I no longer endorse what Dr Jiang advocates. I remain grateful to her, of course. And undoubtedly, still vegan. But my beliefs have changed.

My views in the articles written before the revamp, that is, those before 2014, are basically similar with most vegans. But today, the mainstream vegan diet appeals to my heart no more. Not even the ‘extreme’ raw vegan diet. I have been contemplating whether or not to remove my previous posts, especially recipes. The tentative decision is to let most of them stay. After all, even though they might not be truly healthy recipes, they still are definitely much better than common diets, and they have been what helped me come so far. More importantly, I myself am still stuck with the same diet. I haven’t managed to make the switch myself. In what position am I to encourage others? ⊙﹏⊙b

Fast facts:

  1. The only diet I truly believe in today is a raw vegan diet consisting of mainly juicy fruit.
  2. To be healthy, just switching to a fruit diet is not enough. Doing a few times of long water fasts is necessary.
  3. The only person I trust with regard to regaining and maintaining health is Loren Lockman.

Important notes:

  1. From the point of view of most people, Loren Lockman’s views are extreme, laughable, absurd, even dangerous.
  2. I am not blindly believing. Rather, it is after a long period of contemplating and doubting what I have read and learnt, and a strong yearning and a long search for what is logical and sensible, that I have come to trust what he says.
  3. I am fully aware of some of the negative remarks about him online. I am a cautious person. I do not believe easily in propaganda, nor am I led away easily by spiteful and disparaging comments. I judge from hearing his own words and reading his own writing.
  4. I do not necessarily agree with everything he says. Neither do I think he is perfect. My views might change again in future. Perhaps I might find someone else I think even better. That said, out of so many health gurus, I have never come across someone that I have such a high opinion of. Whenever in the past I had to make any recommendation, it was always a half-hearted recommendation. Within me, I was always thinking: I’m so sorry I can’t really recommend anybody I truly think is awesome, but well, perhaps so-and-so would do for a start. With Loren Lockman, I do it whole-heartedly. Alas, the best is always the hardest to understand!

Doing Nothing Yet Everything Is Accomplished; Curing Nothing Yet Everything Heals

True recovery can only begin with water fasting. And it is the most natural way to heal the body. It does nothing, yet accomplishes everything. It heals nothing, yet heals everything. The most sensible and natural food for humans is none other than juicy fruit. However, without first doing a thorough cleanse of the body that has been overly loaded with toxins, it is impossible for the body to assimilate the perfect nutrients of fruit.

Medicine Is Always Poison

There is a saying in Chinese – 是药三分毒, meaning ‘if it is medicine, it is 30% poison’. This is a theme very often chorussed among those advocating natural healing. Yet how many truly understand what toxins are, and really stay clear from them? To my mind, there was none. Until I came across Loren, of course.

Indeed, even though it was eye-opening reading Dr Jiang’s books, as well as the writings of many others, including Dr Lai, Dr McDougall, Ray Kent, Dr N. W. Walker and so on, as I read them I was always filled with doubts of all kinds. There were too many confusing and conflicting ‘facts’.

Oriental people cannot take raw foods like Westerners.
Certain oils are healthy, some others are not.
This detox method works like a miracle, but that one is a danger trap.
Ginger is medicine in the morning, but poison at night.
Beans are to be avoided, but they have to be added to rice for optimal health.
Squeezing juice out of fruits and vegetables is not natural, but is necessary.
Supplements are necessary./ No, they are harmful./ Yes they are a must, but they have to be bioavailable.

Too many that make not much sense to me. Until I got so tired of it all I just didn’t bother anymore. Nobody really made enough sense. I am not denying that they have made tremendous contribution to the veg’n community. But I could not find answers from them, and could not see them as people I wanted to learn from. People sometimes asked me, oh, so do you follow so and so? No no, I follow no one. Not that I thought I was good enough, but I just could not find anyone I felt convincing enough to follow. Until I saw Loren’s videos. Finally I saw light, driving away the cloudy skies that before seemed threateningly permanent. His presentation is so simple, so sensible, so logical, that it is ironically, so hard for people to see. We have been so accustomed to complexity, it has become so difficult to accept that things can be so simple. Some of what he advocates run counter even to what I, someone who have been a raw vegan believer, had believed. The initial surprise though, is followed by more respect. And did I mention that I seldom see people deal with defamation so maturely?

Sadly, I myself have yet to be able to follow his advice. It is one of my biggest wishes to be able to do so, hopefully not too long in the future.

24 March 2015

Below are a few of Loren’s videos. Let go of what you know, open up your heart and mind. And fruitful rewards shall be yours.



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