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Here’s a follow-up email to the previous article:
Some pointers to share (suggested solution, or alternative diet to dairy):
1) Mother’s milk is the best for babies. Parents should switch to a healthier diet and lifestyle before having a baby, and while breastfeeding, the mother should take proper care of her diet.
2) Reduce as much as possible processed foods (white rice, white flour, refined sugars and salt, and if possible, a healthy vegetarian diet is recommended, ie, real fresh vegetables and brown rice, not white rice with mock meat and fish.)
3) We do not need as much calcium as is widely recommended (refer to passage on African Bantu women’s diet below).
4) Instead of loading up on calcium, reduce protein intake, especially protein from animal foods.
5) We can get more than enough calcium suitable for the human system from plant sources. Eg. brussels sprouts, carrot, broccoli, turnip, kale, black sesame seeds, dates, figs, alfafa, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, parsley, molasses, seaweed, etc… (note: spinach has to be taken raw, never cooked, as cooked spinach will aid in the formation of oxalic acid crystals in the kidneys.)
6) Take raw as much as possible. Have salads in every meal if possible. Drink fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices daily. A good start is ABC juice (apple, beet root, carrot).
Babies fed on cow’s milk indeed grow. But they grow in size, not so much in intellect (refer to Chinese excerpt by Dr Jiang Shuhui below). And they develop allergies, which get better when milk is removed from the diet.
Apart from Milk Sucks that I mentioned in the last article, here is some more information:
Dr. MacDougall’s Health and Medical Center:
Here is more information from books that I have:
On alternatives to dairy:
“Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices”, Dr. N. W. Walker
pgs 26-28 (Carrot Juice)
… (raw carrot juice) is a valuable aid in the improvement and maintenance of the bone structure of the teeth.
Nursing mothers should drink plenty of raw carrot juice, properly prepared, to enhance the quality of their milk, as a breast milk diet may under certain circumstances, not provide sufficient vital foods. … One pint of carrot juice, daily, has more constructive body value than 25 pounds of calcium tablets.
… Intestinal and liver diseases are sometimes due to a lack of certain of the elements contained in properly prepared raw carrot jucie. When this is the case, than a noticeable cleaning up of the liver may take place, and the material which was clogging it may be found to dissolve. Frequently this is released so abundantly that the intestinal and urinary channels are inadequate to care for this overflow, and in a perfectly natural manner it is passed into the lymph for elimination from the body by means of the pores of the skin. This material has a distinctly orange or yellow pigment and while it is being so eliminated from the body will sometimes discolor the skin. Whenever such a discoloration takes place after drinking carrot or other juices, it is an indication that the liver is getting a well-needed cleansing.
It is NOT the carrot juice itself nor the carotene that comes through the skin, as this discoloration will take place even if the juice is filtered to the point of clearing it of all color pigment.
“Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices”, Dr. N. W. Walker

pgs 33-34 (Celery Juice)

The greatest value of raw celery lies in the fact that it contains an exceptionally high percentage of vital organic sodium. It is one of the chemical properties of sodium to maintain calcium in solution. This is particularly the case in the human system, as we will presently see.
Raw celery contains more than four times as much vital organic sodium as it does calcium. This fact makes it one of the most valuable juices for people who have used concentrated sugars and starches more or less consistently all their lives.
… calcium is one of the most essential elements in our diet; but it must be consumed orgnaically, and through vitally ORGANIC atoms. When any calcium-containing food is cooked or processed, as in any of the above mentioned carbohydrate foods, the calcium is automatically converted into INORGANIC atoms. As such, they are not soluble in water and they cannot furnish the nourishment which the cells in our body require for regeneration.
“Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices”, Dr. N. W. Walker
pg 67
Whenever MILK, other than Mother’s Milk, is needed, RAW GOAT’S MILK is the most logical and beneficial Milk for humans of all ages to drink.
… Milk should NEVER be heated at temperatures above 118F, because at 130F the Enzymes are destroyed. We should NEVER use pasteurized milk for the same reason.
It cannot be too strongly emphasized that for infants there is no better milk than mother’s milk.
… Let me emphasize again it is best not to heat Goat’s milk to more than 118F. When Goat’s milk is overheated, boiled, or pasteurized, it is better poured down the drain than fed to children. If pasteurized goat’s milk is fed to the kids of the goat, they will likely be dead within six months.
(my personal comment: From what I know, we can’t get raw goat’s milk in Singapore, only pasteurized, so this option is out for Singaporeans.)
On milk, bones, and milk’s impact on human health:
“Become Younger”, Dr. N. W. Walker
pg 33
In the first place, milk is intended by Nature to grow the bone structure of the particular animal from which it comes. Thus the chemical constituents of mother’s milk are intended to nourish the child for a certain length of time so that its bone structure will develop eventually to what will be needed for a mature individual whose weight will be, say, 125 to 175 lbs. Cow’s milk, on the other hand, contains 300% more casein than does mother’s milk, and is intended to grow the calf to a maturity of about three quarters of a ton.
… the drinking of cow’s milk generates unhealthy mucus in the body. This mucus lodges usually in the sinus cavities, in the breathing channels and in many other vital parts of the system. I have found that milk is almost without exception, the most mucus forming food we can put in our body.
From “The China Study” (T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II)
pgs 204 – 211
… In one study of ten countries, a higher consumption of calcium was associated with a higher – not lower – risk of bone fracture (Chart 10.3). Much of the calcium intake is shown in this chart, especially in high consumption countries, is due to dairy foods, rather than calcium supplements or non-dairy food sources of calcium.
… Given these findings, it seems perfectly plausible that animal protein and even calcium – when consumed at excessive levels – are capable of increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Dairy, unfortunately, is the only food that is rich in both of these nutrients.
“Diet For A New America”, John Robbins
pgs 193-194
Nathan Pritikin studied the medical research on osteoporosis, and found no basis at all for the Dairy Council viewpoint:
“African Bantu women take in only 350mg of calcium per day. They bear nine children during their lifetime and breast feed them for two years. They never have calcium deficiency, seldom break a bone, rarely lose a tooth. Their children grow up nice and strong. How can they do that on 350mg of calcium a day when the (National Dairy Council) recommendation is 1200mg? It’s very simple. They’re on a low-protein diet that doesn’t kick the calcium out of the the body… In our country, those who can afford it are eating 20% of their total calories in protein, which guarantees negative mineral balance, not only of calcium, but of magnesium, zinc, and iron. It’s all directly related to the amount of protein you eat.”
“Diet For A New America”, John Robbins
pg 199
Quite frankly, the more I’ve studied the conclusions of the hundreds of studies in the medical literature, the harder it has gotten for me to abide the National Dairy Council’s promotion of milk “for strong bones”. In spite of its high calcium content, milk, due to its high protein content, appears actually to contribute to the accelerating development of osteoporosis. The occurence of this disease in the United States has reached truly epidemic proportions, and the promotion of dairy products as an “answer” to the suffering of millions seems, not only self-serving, but absolutely immoral and downright dishonest.
pgs 167-181
……总之我们要觉醒,正确的健康饮食,第一步先要断除二十一世纪的三大毒害 – 肉、蛋、奶。
Recommended readings and places you can find these books as well further information on healthy diet and lifestyle:
1) Diet For A New America, John Robbins
2) The Food Revolution, John Robbins
3) The China Study, T. Colin Campbell & Thomas M. Campbell
4) 这样吃最健康,姜淑惠医师
5) 这样养育孩子最健康,姜淑惠医师
6) Become Younger, Dr. N. W. Walker
7) Vibrant Health, Dr. N. W. Walker
8) Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, Dr. N. W. Walker
9) How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of your Doctor, Robert Mendelsohn
10) The Colon Health Handbook, Robert Gray
11) The Tragedy of Nutrition, A Prelude to the Original Mucusless Diet Healing System, Professor Arnold Ehret
Suggested places the above titles can be found (other than the mainstream book stores):
Lapis Lazuli
83 Pheng Geck Avenue
Singapore 348270
Phone: (65) 6337 5183

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