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Contrary to popular belief, dairy is very bad for health. Milk is widely promoted as a bone builder, but this is far from the truth. Milk does not prevent osteoporosis, milk PROMOTES OSTEOPOROSIS. This sounds hard to believe at first, but there are many studies that have proven this. That milk helps build strong bones is one of the greatest global lies of the century.

Although milk has loads of calcium, it does not help to build strong bones. True, our body needs calcium, calcium is very important for overall health, not only for the bones. However, the calcium in milk does not get absorbed into our body. On the contrary, the more milk we drink, the more calcium our body LOSES . Why? Because milk, as well as other animal products like meat, eggs, cheese, butter, contain too much animal protein that is very difficult to digest. This protein is highly acidic. The human body needs to be in an alkaline state to maintain health, so in order to balance the ph level of the blood, our body has to draw out calcium (which is alkaline). And which part of our body holds the highest reserves of calcium? The bones! So, to prevent osteoporosis, the point is not about stocking up on calcium, it’s about not losing it. In fact, we don’t need as much calcium as what is commonly recommended.

Also, there are many different types of calcium. Calcium from milk isn’t suitable for the human body, that is, it is not high quality calcium for the human body.

Think deeper. Milk was never a staple in asian countries until recent years, until the west started promoting it as a bone builder. If milk really is something that we cannot do without, then most of our asian forefathers would have died of osteoporosis. But the truth is, osteoporosis had never been such a big silent killer in the past. It only became such a serious disease the past century.

Don’t believe blindly what the mainstream culture dictates. Don’t believe blindly in what the mainstream culture glorifies. If chemotherapy really can cure cancer, how could cancer cases be on the rise? If milk prevents osteoporosis, how could countries that consume the most milk have the highest incidence of osteoporosis?

Another shocking fact is…

What we learn through the media, the tv, newspapers, advertisements (including what we learn in school and from the doctors!)… are mostly controlled by the industries who profit from the sales of whatever is being promoted.

Meat is good, we learnt in school. Why? Because the meat industry, being rich and powerful, provides the education ministry the information about meat being good.

Milk is good for the bones, we learn from newspapers, tv advertisements, doctors… Why? Because the milk industry is a very highly profitable industry, there’s no stopping them to make more and more money through the media!

This and that drug is good for this and that disease, the doctors tell us. Why? Because the drug industry, which again is rich and powerful and want more money and power, sell their products through the doctors! But what happens after we take the medicines prescribed? Our ailment seems to heal, but we get more other ailments, and the ailment that initially was ‘treated’ comes back again later!

Why do methods like fasting not get acknowledgement from the government and ‘othordox’ medical profession? Because nobody gets any profit or benefits, only patients themselves, there’s no economic value!

I probably sound like someone out of my mind, someone out to defame. But my dear, I tell you all these because I feel so very sad that the vast majority of us are blinded from the truth. And since we haven’t known each other for long, I can only hope that you trust that I’m not someone who enjoys speaking ill of others or injecting fear in people, or in causing unnecessary doubts.

Why does the government not protect us from these lies, you might think. Well, it is now a well known fact that cigarettes can kill us. But why does the government still allow sales of cigarettes? It brings in money, Money, MONEY! I’m not anti government, I don’t care about politics. But we should be aware that every phenomenon in society has a reason. And the reason why so many times, so many truths are hidden from us is, there are interested parties who profit too much, who are too powerful to be offended, who do not want us to know too much.

One more simple fact to consider. Why do cows have milk? Do they always, 24 hrs a day, throughout their lifetime, have lots of milk? Of course not. Just like we human females cannot produce milk as and when we like, cows can’t either. When do they have milk? When they have babies. That means, nature intended cow’s milk for calves, for the cow’s babies. Even calves, once they have grown to a certain age, stop drinking milk from their mothers. Cow’s milk was never meant for humans. No other animal drinks milk from another species from cradle to grave as religiously as us humans. No other animals, whom we humans consider lowly beasts, do something so silly, so laughable, so absurd. No other animals, instead of feeding their own offsprings with their own milk, feed them with milk from another species.

Since cow’s milk was never intended for us humans, it follows quite naturally that we can’t digest cow’s milk. So many new allergies have developed since the past century. Many allergies are naturally cured once the sufferer takes milk and other dairy products off his diet. Milk is highly mucus forming, milk is toxin to the human body, milk is something that our body tries to expel through all kinds of new allergies and illnesses.

Another reason why I avoid milk and other dairy products:

As I said, cow’s milk is intended for the cow’s babies. But, we humans want her to produce milk for us, so we impregnate the cow, we force her to become pregnant again and again and again. Well, we know how tough it is to undergo pregnancy, imagine your whole life dedicated to being pregnant repeatedly, non-stop. And then what happens after she gives birth to her baby? Her baby is forced to leave her immediately. Mother and baby cry for each other. The mother wants so badly to nurse her child, and the child wants so badly to be cared for by its mother. But we humans force them to live apart.

This is old information to me, but the thought of this still makes me cry. I don’t have a child myself, but as women, we all have motherly instincts. How could we bear to separate a mother and her child?!

And then what happens after this? If the baby is female, she will suffer the same fate as her mother. If it is male, he will go straight to a little pen where he is not allowed to move AT ALL. Why is he not allowed to move? So that he does not develop muscles. And why is he not allowed to develop muscles? Because he is to be sent to be slaughtered as a young calf with especially tender meat, that is, he will be sold as veal meat. This baby bull’s meat is highly prized, people say this is good precious meat because it is so tender. Meat from such gentle beings that have been tortured since birth, that are nutritionally deficient through and through. These poor babies, when they are finally forced to walk to the slaughter house, can’t even walk properly. Good quality meat? How insane can humans be?

Cows, if let to live naturally, can live till 20 years of age. But at factory farms, they typically die after 5 years. We often hear of mothers complaining how laborous it is to pump out milk from their breasts for their babies. If it is so tough even for your very own child, imagine what kind of hell the cows go through their whole life. Being forced to have babies, then forced to abandon their babies, and then being forced to give their milk that was intended for the baby they carried for 9 months, to us humans who do nothing kind to them except endless exploitation and cruelty. We can only imagine how much they suffer their whole lives, physically, mentally, psychologically.

See how everything is interlinked? The meat industry, the dairy industry, the veal industry, and our incessant demand for them, they’re all intricately linked. The cruelty of factory farms is endless, and is hard to believe. My heart aches for the poor suffering helpless animals. Which is why I choose to be vegetarian, now 99 percent vegan (no animal products, including dairy). The lesser the demand, the lesser the supply, the lesser the suffering. I don’t want to be connected to such cruel livelihood. I live with a better conscience, and much much better health!

Nature intended us intelligent humans to protect helpless beings, it intended us to be healthy with the abundance of fruit and vegetables it has, throughout timeless history, created and nurtured for us. Yet we exploit the helpless beings we should protect, and end up harming ourselves.

Don’t believe blindly in what the mainstream culture glorifies and packages nicely as the ‘norm’. It’s time we learn the cruel truths, it’s time we take charge of our own destiny, it’s time we use wisely, intelligently, and with true compassion, the power we are endowed with, and help bring about a better tomorrow, for the animals, for our future generations, for the earth which has given us so much.

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  1. Yonten says:

    I have read on the net a few claims that we’re actually loosing calcium while drinking milk. Some even further elaborate specifically why this happens. That’s why cow do not drink their own milk as it is quite difficult to digest. Do look up these reports if you are interested. Thanx for spreading this theory 🙂

  2. 方麒 says:

    Thanks for reading.=)
    I hope that I can play a positive role in spreading the truth.

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