Freezer Power

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I recently burnt my favourite Corningware pot. I first tried boiling some water in the pot, and managed to get a piece off from the centre. But that was it. After that, I soaked it in baking soda, vinegar, and salt as well; I tried scrubbing it, and I boiled it many times more, but after all the hard work, only tiny flakes came off.
DSCF2813 Frozen Burnt Pot A
Then I put it in the freezer. See how it turned out!

This is amazing. Almost the entire piece of burnt char came off. After scrubbing it lightly with a wooden chopstick, I was only left with a tiny stubborn piece. Then I employed the previous methods again, plus another – tomato – all with no success, so I left it in the freezer once again. Immediately after taking it out, I tickled it lightly with a metal spoon, off it came, as easy as ABC.

I’d burnt an entire stainless steel pot before while making green bean soup, the whole kitchen smelled like a terrible smoking room for days, and I couldn’t get the burns off of course, the pot was totally black. My father took it back and scrubbed it for me. I don’t know how he did it, was told that you needed strength to do the scrubbing. Poor dad, hope it was a good exercise for him!

Well, next time I’ll first let my freezer do the job. Rather, I hope there won’t be another time!

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