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This jelly has become quite a common dessert in vegetarian outlets recently. I also make it regularly to serve whoever visits… mostly I make it to serve ourselves, haha… =)


This is probably the easiest dessert to make, almost kitchen-idiot proof I suppose. Put the whole pack (picture below) into 2000ml of water and boil. Transfer into bowls/ glasses and refrigerate. The liquid will solidify once cooled down. It can also be taken as a hot drink.

jelly pack

It’s stated on the package to use 2500cc of water, you can have more or less of it, depending on how sweet or firm you want the jelly to be. 2000ml is about just right for me. If you are wondering whether ‘cc’ is any different from ‘ml’, from what I’ve researched, they’re the same, seems like in Taiwan they use ‘cc’.**

The usual jelly that we eat are full of white refined sugar, but this uses only brown sugar, not only is it healthier, it’s also tastier. Other ingredients are dates, longan, kanten and coral seaweed. Coral seaweed contains a high amount of collagen (good for the skin), as well as lots of minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium (good for bone health).

Another selling point is that, this jelly doesn’t ‘melt’ like the usual jelly. I can make about 10 or 11 glasses with a single block, no problem at all leaving them in the fridge for a week or so. I’ve tried chopping it into two, but it was hard as a rock… Some people can do it apparently, but since we usually finish everything within a week, I suppose there’s no need for me to perfect my chopping skill.**

The brand above that I usually get retails at S$9.90 (used to be S$9.50), but I’ve found some other brands recently. Tried one ($5.70), it was pretty good, but not as fragrant.

This jelly is usually served with some soy milk on top. You can get those packaged ones, or you can make your own nut milk. It’s very easy, except that it can be a little bit troublesome.

  1. Soak some almonds and cashews (overnight if possible)
  2. Discard water
  3. Add water, dates, raisins, then blend well in blender (it would be better to pre-soak the dates and raisins as well for easy blending, don’t discard this water though, this is precious syrup, I pour it all into the blender.)
  4. Use a nut bag to strain.

I leave it for you to decide how much nuts/ water/ dates/ raisins to use, I myself have never used the same amount twice… =) After straining, if the nut milk is not sweet enough, I’ll add some agave nectar.

Because nut milk spoils quite easily, and the straining part is quite labourous, so I like to make more at one go and save it in ice cube boxes, then I’ll have nut milk whenever I need it. (If you skip the filtering part then it’s really quick and easy, but it won’t be smooth and not as yummy.) We don’t usually take cold food/ drinks, so when I’m having this dessert, I leave the nut ice to defrost together with the jelly. But I usually can’t wait till nature finishes its job, I’ll hit the ice repeatedly till it melts, and gobble up all the jelly when it’s still pretty cold…

You can also make this nut milk and drink it as and when you like, it’s better than having Milo or coffee…

The left over pulp can be used in salads/ as salad dressings, but remember that it spoils easily, so you have to finish it soon.

**Update on 2014/06/05

  • It seems that this is the only brand that remains firm without melting even after a few days (in the fridge of course).
  • There are now lots of other brands, some in smaller blocks, which would be suitable if you don’t want to make too much.
  • Not all brands taste the same, and the ingredients vary quite a bit too. So read carefully – some are healthier, some not.
  • 2000 cc seems a little too sweet for me now. But more water would mean less firmness.
  • The downside to this brand is that there are remnants of date seeds, so to make eating more pleasurable (and safer for fast eaters like my husband), I usually filter them out as I pour them into the bowls. Which can be a pain when you’re busy and really not in the mood for an extra menial task.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve tried mixing ginger into the coral jelly. Yum yum! It’s a whole new taste n smell. Try adding other stuff like mint or basil… have fun!

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