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Why Hair For Hope Is Hopeless

My newlywed husband has just had his hair shaved. Our wedding photo shoot has already been postponed, and because of his bald head, it has to be postponed even further. Of course I am...

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Bloody Mother’s Love

Mother’s Day is round the corner again. While we are celebrating the day and appreciating how much our mothers have done for us, let us also be acquainted with a very special mother. This mother, well, has gotten pregnant. So she has to make sure that her babies would have a fuzzy house to live in. She finds a spot on a cliff, and starts building their cozy home. To accomplish the job

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Minimising Harm

A friend shared her thoughts on vegetarianism. She commented that plants are living beings too, it’s just that when we eat them, they can’t shout to tell us their pain. What’s most important is...